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Revenue Collectors in 8 District Assemblies of Greater Accra fail to account for revenue

Case Details of #CS000496

Institution: 8 Assemblies
Sector of Case: security & governanc
Number of Count: 0
Alleged Amount: GHC 357,537.99
Alleged Amount (GHC Only): 357537.0
Alleged Non-Cash Assets:
Nature of Issue: Stealing
Investigative Body: unknown
Trigger Point: Accounts of District Assemblies 2014 Pg 44
Number of Count: 0
Period: 2014
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Corruption Stories Sources Associated with #CS000496

IDURLWebsite NameWebsite TypeLast Scan
1561 https://www.dropbox.com/s/iy7wdav870ci5h0/Accounts-of-District-Assemblies-2014.pdf?dl=0%20 dropbox news 2019-02-26 11:55:16
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Entities Associated with CS000496

WS000352 Revenue collectors and 45 corporate entities Person accused None None None None
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