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About The Red Flag Online Platform

At the moment, Ghana has no central database or organised knowledge point where journalists or interested citizens can make reference to, and keep a tab on all alleged cases of corruption to ensure that perpetrators are fully punished, it is difficult to assess what punishment was meted out to offenders. There are systems of uncovering corruptions, however, it is a preserve of a few elites and civil society actors without the widespread involvement of citizens especially outside the capital city.

Based on the above identified gap, the Red Flag project team has designed and deployed a real-time information and knowledge dissemination system that tracks and traces alleged corruption acts in the public sphere with direct linkages to law enforcement agencies. The Red Flag platform is intended to be a vibrant online platform designed to incorporate innovative tools to solve new challenges citizens and project stakeholders face in accessing or sending information on corruption.

The online platform is essentially made up of two key components, the front-end which provides a monitoring service by tracking and tracing anti-corruption cases, it also provides information on persons involved in reported corruption cases, institutions tackling the issues in question and how relationships among the various parties to the case are relevant or otherwise. The platform is designed to provide information on type of cases organised under various thematic sectors among others, age of the cases and publicly available documents related to the case.

At the backend, the platform makes use of analytic and semantic processes, which supports the many functions required at the frontend. The platform relies heavily on multiple input channels including trusted sources and verified social media reports. Beyond what is displayed on the platform, stakeholders when the need arises, can be fed directly with additional data reports and the system can allow stakeholders to contribute content directly. The central feature of the online platform is the visualisation of tracked and traced reported corruption cases that gives a birds eye view of the state of corruption in Ghana at any point in time.

A key deliverable and achievement of the Red Flag Movement project would be the anti-corruption database in real-time tracking and tracing how corruption acts/cases are progressing or stalling, thereby providing the answer to the key question on “how is Ghana doing in the fight against corruption?”