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About The Red Flag Movement Project

Ghanaians perception of corruption especially within the public sector service delivery/political circles remains high. This is possibly due to the number of alleged corruption cases reported and discussed in the public domain, especially in the mass media and social media and also due to the fact that most of these reported corruption cases are not dealt with to a logical conclusion, or at least in a way in which the public can see a clear line of action and follow through to sanction offenders.

These formed the backdrop to Penplusbytes’ innovative anti-corruption project dubbed “Red Flag Movement”.

The project is funded by the DFID’s “Strengthening Action Against Corruption” (STAAC) program and it aims at promoting a new holistic approach in the fight against corruption anchored on the humanisation of corruption and providing a bird’s eye-view on the state of corruption in Ghana at any given time. This project spans a period of 2years beginning in 2018.

As part of the project implementation, Penplusbytes will establish a real-time information and knowledge dissemination system that tracks and traces alleged corruption acts in the public sphere. A spin-off of the project intervention will support the collation of evidence-based information that will aid prosecutorial agencies in their work and also facilitate the work of public interest investigative journalism.

Further, the Red Flag movement is premised on harnessing and animating various exciting work of all stakeholders both at the public and private sector levels in order to sustain a meaningful discourse on corruption cases.

The project is conceptualised as a collaborative approach premised on enabling various actors in the anti-corruption space especially civil society organisations to connect with each other without the imposition of formal structures and other related costs by using online platform mashed up with SMS, WhatsApp and integrated with social media.

The project will engage vanguard journalists who will specialise in undertaking investigative pieces around corruption and educate the public with in-depth reports on how corruption adversely affects the nation

In doing this, we believe people will see corruption clearly as stealing and an act that robs the state of the needed funds for development; and as a result, be motivated to join the Red Flag Movement in advocating for the right sanctions to be meted to the perpetrators of corruption. Ultimately, the Red Flag online platform mashed-up with the new digital tools (SMS, WhatsApp, Web Forms, Chatbox and social media) will create and maintain a public register of reported corruption cases in the media, which will be updated regularly with court reports on the reported cases. This will continually be repackaged to the media to set the agenda on the reported cases, headline corruption stories in the media and keep the sunshine on key corruption cases until logical conclusions and outcomes are achieved.